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Peter DOLVING (ex THE HAUNTED/ ex MARY BEATS JANE) quits music

"Dear Music; It´s me, it´s not you…

I am finally breaking up with you. I gave it my best shot. Now I am done. You look hot as hell, but you are a shitty lover. Yer crap in the sack. And a poor comfort - in a world of empty promises, butt-hurt and general madness. We had fun a few years. But I don´t love you anymore. The dirty laundry, the leaky ceiling, the cold beans, the warm beer, the cross-eyed cousin and the tiresome sadists carsalesmen got to me. And I have finally accepted. I am out."

The music industry is what it is.

What it is may be a matter of concern if you are going to do it. But for general reference I usually tell kids the short version; "It´s a gutter. You´re a whore. Or a pimp. Or just maintenance, supplying the clean towels, the drugs and the backslapping. Someone is pays someone to feel good. No one claims to make any money, and everyone is fucking everybody, desperately trying to keep their shit together. Or at least talking trash. It´s a gutter."

The power structure of the music industry is very much that of the sex industry, or perhaps athletic industry. It´s all about the illusion that the "higher standards" raises your status, and with higher status comes more money. With more money comes liberty and well, the glory… And yes, the glory is there, if you can take the road, paved with heartbreak, souldrain, broken illusions, and more jawdropping stupidity, Narcissists and Egomaniacs than you could find on all of Netflix-shows put together to shake a stick at.

Everyone get´s lulled into it; "Liberty, Glory, Fame and Fortune". But most put it out of their heads. The idea that they would ever be one of the pantheon of The Few. Whatever that really means…

Celebrity does make a few things easier; People who know my name, and work - are nicer to me than they were before, this is true. But mostly it´s over rated. It really has a tendency to kick relationships in the face, because in all honesty; Fan-ObjectifiedTalent-relations are bound to crash in a sorry mess. It is based on projection, achievement and expectations and doomed to lead to something bad.

The spectacle that is human beings and my own stubborn bullshit, that caused me to go far beyond my limitations and boundaries to create something I dreamed would matter. This is the reason.

My own illusions, hopes and desires, like always - is what stands between me and freedom. And regardless of the "worldly" bullshit; If people need you to constantly prove something to accept you, you´re in bad company.

I really like to be alive. To work peacefully. I have nothing to prove to the world. I am done kids.

I am relieved to get this off my chest; "I quit."

With music.

I quit.

I have one last vocal recording to finish with Line blood.

After that, I´m done.

I won´t say "I will never do it again". But for now; I quit music. I don´t want to do it anymore.

Circumstances are not such, as to make the realities of persuing a musical career meaningful.

It was fun. I saw amazing things. You are beautiful, dear Planet. I love you, but you´re too big. I´m just a dude.

I will continue to write. I will continue to paint. And I will keep making dinky Tshirts, I will start stuff, do lots of nothing and other cool weird projects. Yes, it will be subtle and awesome.

But no more music. Last time I looked, there was plenty to go around. And not enough love, money, head-on ambition or care to make it worth the effort anymore.

I am an old fucker, in terms of Rock n roll. In terms of art, I am just getting a grip on what the fuck I want to do. Life is beautiful.

Maybe one day, that I know nothing of now, I will find music fun and meaningful again. Maybe not. What matters is understanding that I am free to make my own choices.

Life should not be a burden. It is so much more. So full of inviting possiblities and unexplored avenues. When it comes down to it; I am the only person who can make my life a joy. And so, I chose to continue my pursuit of liberty, and happiness by doing other things in life.

Thank you.

/ Peter Dolving

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