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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH : concert gratuit à Tilburg pour s'excuser du précent petage de plom

Le chanteur Ivan Moody étant en cure de desintoxication, c'est donc Tommy Vext (ex DIVINE HERESY) qui le remplace sur le reste des dates.


A noter aussi que FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH offre à tous ses fans présents en Hollande lors du pétage de plomb d'Ivan Moody un nouveau concert entièrement gratuit !


Five Finger Death Punch announced today that they will immediately return to Tilburg to play a free show for any ticket holders from the now infamous 013 performance a week prior.  
Said guitar player Zoltan Bathory, “Last Monday’s show was an avalanche of events largely out of our control.  We could sit here all day and apologize but our fans in the Netherlands deserve better than that.  They’ve stuck with us all these years and helped get us to where we are today.  So, we managed to re-route our tour and come back to Tilburg and play a free show on our day off - because actions speak louder than words”.
This show will take place in the same venue, the 013 in Tilburg. Ticket holders of last week’s show will promptly receive an email from the venue with instructions on how to obtain their free guaranteed priority tickets. This email will include a link to directly download e-tickets for the show.
Other fans interested in attending this unique show should closely follow the announcements on the venue’s website on Friday morning to get access. After the original ticket holders get their priority tickets, a link will be made available where people can order free tickets while stock lasts.

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