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Publié par Loud Tv - Webzine metal video

FRANKLIN ZOO - the Danish prog rockers - are back with their brand new single and official lyric video "Song For The Cynic".

Even though their prior record "Red Skies" (Mighty Music, 2016) received much appraisal as an album and live tour, the group needed to find a new expression and a new theme. Thus, they parted ways with existential misery, depression, loss and death and set their sights on life, resilience, cohesion, social responsibility, and authenticity with less of a nihilistic backdrop, while still maintaining the dark contrasts that let life's light shine through.

This reflects the music, which is now at times more dynamic and lighter and at times still aggressive, dark and merciless. Overall, the music is more varied within and between each song than ever before in order to reflect the nuances of a heartfelt life.

"Song Of The Cynic" is the second single from what is to become a full-length concept album.

Out on November 22nd on all digital platforms!

Line up:
Rasmus Revsbech, Vocal
Anders Rune Hansen, Bass
Søren Dabros, Guitar
Daniel Hecht, Guitar
Lars Bahr, Drums

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