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It was early 2008 when the Cobalt Hotel in Vancouver hosted the reunion of Caustic Thought; a popular local band that had not played together for twelve years. Little did bassist Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmers Hole), drummer Bob Wagner (Econoline Crush), and guitarist Ian White know at the start that this special evening would light a spark that would take this reunion further than they initially expected. After recruiting guitarist Terry Murray, the four decided to rearrange, write and record new material. As the writing came together Byron reached out to friend and band mate Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory, Ascension of the Watchers, G/Z/R, Ministry) and the final member was found. The spark that ignited on that very special night among old friends had now become a spirited new band... City of Fire was complete. The bands self-titled debut contains eleven energetic and melodic songs that reflects the band's immensely talented musicianship. Three additional songs were recorded earlier this year adding to the albums overall depth. Bell recalls of the early sessions, I have always loved Vancouver. During this session, my eyes were intensely aware that Vancouver is vibrant with life, like a raging fire. This is where the name of the band came from. I was inspired like never before and I believe it shows." Musically, City of Fire finds its roots in everything from metal to hard rock to punk, and boasts a more commercially-oriented sensibility; a sound reflective of the evolving maturity of its members and audience. Sonically hard yet groove heavy, the band has conceived a sound that distinguishes itself from the rest. "Byron and I have always talked about music and realized that we had many similarities between us: the same music likes and dislikes," Bell explained to popular music site Noisecreep. "Byron knew that I would love the music he and the guys were creating and he was right. When I first heard the music, I was excited by the sounds I heard. City of Fire will see US release just as Fear Factory finish up their Canadian run of dates which will include their performance at Montreals Heavy MTL Festival where the band will appear alongside Megadeth, Slayer, Mastodon, Korn, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God and more. 

Track Listing:

1. Carve Your Name 4:36 

 2. Gravity 5:08 

 3. Rising 3:20 

 4. A Memory 3:52

5. Spirit Guide 5:24 

 6. Coitus Interruptus 4:45 

 7. Hanya 4:01 

 8. Emerald 1:58 

9. Hollow Land 4:47 

10. Dark Tides 4:14 

11. Rain 5:35


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