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Finally, the long-awaited video-clip for the title-track of DARK FORTRESS’ current album, “Ylem”, is released. Witness a dark ritual .The clip was shot in the Dechenhoehle, a natural flowstone cave that offered the perfect set for the story of “Ylem”:

Morean (vocals): “The title track of our last album is a spell summoning the death of the universe in an accelerated "big crunch". The end of all living matter in the universe is inevitable, and in this invocation the sorcerer is a witness to this inevitable cosmic disaster. The clip is set in an atmosphere of desertion, with no more signs of civilisation, after the exponentially growing sun has scorched away all traces of life. As a last refuge, going underground offers the only shelter that is left, where the protagonist willingly surrenders to destruction and embraces his own end in a vision evoking both the distant past and distant future of our planet."

Just as a quick reminder please check out the media reaction to “Ylem” that was released in January of 2010:

“…a collection of incredibly inventive black metal songs. …this ominous work is perfect for the long, bleak winter nights.” KERRANG (UK)

“’Ylem’ is such a sinister and diverse opus…every open minded metal head with a soft spot for dark sounds should check this out…” METAL HAMMER (D), soundcheck #8

“For quite a while DARK FORTRESS have been among the best German black metal bands and with ‘Ylem’ they deliver first-class material once again.” ROCK HARD (D)


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