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In Basel the meaning of the word "border" has always been different: with one step to the left you are already in France and if you step straight ahead you are in Germany.
Therefore, it is no surprise at all that the term "border" has another significance for the Swiss rock band PURE INC. than for most of their fellows. It is individually defined and so is their music.

In short: The band name does the talking - pure, straight, without any squiggles and artificial embellishments the Swiss band rocks in their typical manner and expresses more than most other bands do. PURE INC. present themselves full of charm, individuality, warmth and infectious rhythm and also musically versatile. Timeless, but only one step away from traditional rock and a stone's throw away from modern music, they count on traditional groove mixed with modern influences and ageless vibes.

With their second album "A New Day's Dawn", released worldwide in 2006, they proved that they have gained a lot of maturity, routine and snappiness since their self-titled debut. PURE INC. compounded on this album all their experiences with the energy of their young age and their enthusiasm for music and indicated that they're ready for the next step in their career.
A career that has always been devoted to live gigs, whether club or festival, the band feels obviously happy on stage. They are genuine, true and natural. Acting or half-hearted jam sessions don't have to be feared. And PURE INC. demonstrate that often and with much fun. In particular in their home country Switzerland but also in most other European countries the band has already gained the reputation of an excellent and convincing live band that is often booked for shows and enjoyed by the audience. Their variability and undisputed live power already raised their reputation as a demanded though tough support for bands such as e.g. MOTÖRHEAD, MASTERPLAN, MSG, THUNDER, SUCHE A SURGE, FREAK KITCHEN, GOTTHARD, DOKKEN, DORO, DAGOBA, KROKUS or CIRCLE TO CIRCLE.

Now, with a new record up one's sleeve, PURE INC. raise the flag of modern rock again. Emotional tunes capturing you with their directness and infectious vibes which impressively state the bands originality in an indeed known genre.

Check their new album : IV



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