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This is the official I.C.S. Vortex statement conserning the release of his new solo album:


I finally got the master tape of the first ICS Vortex album! "Storm Seeker" contains 11 tracks and holds 45 minutes of groovy hooks and signature clean vocals. Brewed in a dirty metal pot, ingrediens included are Stoner Rock mashed with BM, 70's prog spiked Pagan and alternative roots fried Norwegian style. Some of the song titles are "Skoal!",  "Dogsmacked", "Oil in Water" and "Odin's Tree".

It's been a year of sporadic work at Toproom Studio with engineer Børge Finstad. My good old teammate from Borknagar, Asgeir Mickelson (Sarke, Spiral Architect), handles the drums, and Terje "Cyrus" Andersen added some solos. Mix was done by Børge, Asgeir and me. A record deal is in the works and we're looking at a release in good time before summer 2011.

The solo project has pretty much evolved into a band, and on future live appearances  the recording line-up will be joined by Jens F. Ryland (Borknagar) on guitar and Steinar Gundersen (Spiral Architect, Sarke) on bass


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